English is dead; long live lolcat!

25 06 2008

Has the world gone bananas?

I came across this site recently… a open community project aiming to translate the entire Bible into lolcat. What in the name of Corinthians is lolcat you might ask?

It seems to be (and correct me if I’m wrong) something like a web 2.0 adaptation of pidgin English; embracing hastily typed messages and spelling errors and morphing them into some kind of shorthand decipherable only by assorted gen Y’ers, geeks and n00bs. It’s actually incredibly complicated linguistically, as shown here on lolspeak 101, and is a very different ball game to abbreviated text message-speak – gr8 c u l8r – etc.

You can check out the bible’s progress here.

Is it just me or do people have waaaay to much time on their hands?



Britney – you go girl

1 05 2008

I like Britney Spear’s response to constant media & paparazzi hounding – dish it right back in the form of a hit pop song.

‘Piece of me’ peaked at number 6 in the worldwide music charts in late ’07 proving Britney’s recent trash glam antics and erratic behaviour need not be a career-ending bungle. The pop diva’s lyrics, such as ‘they’re still going to put pictures of my derriere in the magazine’ takes her off-the-rails lifestyle choices and morphs them into a matter-of-fact ‘this is me, live with it’ public statement.

It’s a perfect example of negative PR turned into a positive.