Kuler chameleon

7 07 2008

I’ve recently discovered Kuler, an Adobe Labs tool that creates colour schemes to use and share with other designers.

What a fabulous resource for designers with many pre-made schemes from other users plus a simple upload tool to create your own from an existing photo. Not only can you play around with endless colour possibilities, but once you’ve put together a scheme you can download the swatches directly to Photoshop as an .ase file. Each swatch’s CMYK, RGB, LAB, HEX & HSV values are displayed for easy reference.

Why am I only just discovering this now?!?! I can see this becoming one of those wonderful time-wasters…

21st July 08: EDIT: Ah, I see these kind of tools are popping up everywhere, here’s another one: http://inthemod.com/


Photoshop boo-boos made public

6 05 2008

This blog keeps us designers on our toes (and provides a good laugh):