More on the dying art of writing

6 06 2008

I’m with Nick Cernis. Ain’t nothing wrong with a pencil & paper.

Nick’s book, Toodoodlist , is a guide to uncomplicating and de-teching your life. You’d imagine that espousing the virtues of notebooks and pens might fall on deaf ears in today’s super tech-savvy society, but it all makes sense in a beautifully simplistic way. I’m no stranger to spending hours trying to learn how to use a program that’s supposed to make my life easier and data retrieval quicker. Bit silly isn’t it?

Using paper & pen is faster, vastly cheaper, you already know how to use them (one hopes), they don’t require charging or powerpoints, aren’t eclipsed by a newer model every 5 seconds, don’t cause LCD-screen headaches, plus, to my knowledge, you can’t get booked for scribbling whilst driving.

Ditch the PDA and live by the pen!





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