English is dead; long live lolcat!

25 06 2008

Has the world gone bananas?

I came across this site recently… a open community project aiming to translate the entire Bible into lolcat. What in the name of Corinthians is lolcat you might ask?

It seems to be (and correct me if I’m wrong) something like a web 2.0 adaptation of pidgin English; embracing hastily typed messages and spelling errors and morphing them into some kind of shorthand decipherable only by assorted gen Y’ers, geeks and n00bs. It’s actually incredibly complicated linguistically, as shown here on lolspeak 101, and is a very different ball game to abbreviated text message-speak – gr8 c u l8r – etc.

You can check out the bible’s progress here.

Is it just me or do people have waaaay to much time on their hands?



Friends Reunited finally catches up

25 06 2008

Social networking site Friends Reunited has finally waived their membership fee in the face of massive competition from similar free sites.

In May 2008 Friends Reunited announced that the site is now completely free to use, a great initiative but perhaps one that wasn’t implemented fast enough to combat users switching to the massively popular Facebook. Friends Reunited’s press release states that they are now focussing on the 30+ age bracket – a demographic that doesn’t necessarily see social networking as a natural, organic process, with improved privacy controls to encourage more open communication.

The rise and rise of social networking sites illustrates how many people accross a wide range of demographics are interested reconnecting with old mates via an online presence.

Jonathan Clark, Head of Friends Reunited, states that “Ignoring all the hype around social networking, the simple fact is these tools can make friendships stronger and keep friends more involved in each others’ lives. Social networking is still not mainstream for the over 30s and we can change that. We’ve the scale and, importantly, eight years of trust, content and relationships. These are just the first of many new features we’ll be adding this year. We’re just flicking the switch and turning this on; it’s going to be like smashing down the dam after years of holding the water back.”

Friends Reunited differs from the rest in that they also have genealogy, employment and dating sites in their stable, but I wonder if they have missed the boat a little in the social networking department, or is it Facebook that will need to play catch up?


More on the dying art of writing

6 06 2008

I’m with Nick Cernis. Ain’t nothing wrong with a pencil & paper.

Nick’s book, Toodoodlist , is a guide to uncomplicating and de-teching your life. You’d imagine that espousing the virtues of notebooks and pens might fall on deaf ears in today’s super tech-savvy society, but it all makes sense in a beautifully simplistic way. I’m no stranger to spending hours trying to learn how to use a program that’s supposed to make my life easier and data retrieval quicker. Bit silly isn’t it?

Using paper & pen is faster, vastly cheaper, you already know how to use them (one hopes), they don’t require charging or powerpoints, aren’t eclipsed by a newer model every 5 seconds, don’t cause LCD-screen headaches, plus, to my knowledge, you can’t get booked for scribbling whilst driving.

Ditch the PDA and live by the pen!