NEW! A positive experience with Telstra!

30 05 2008

And it’s about frickin’ time.

I’ve been avoiding calling Telstra’s billing enquiries line for 3 months now, which in turn has cost me $150 more than it should have. How bad must things be when a customer would rather pay that kind of money in unnecessary fees rather than actually ring your call centre to fix it? It’s often such a saga trying to deal with phone companies – I have yet to meet one who’s people did not leave me feeling more confused after I called than before (of course Telstra aren’t the only culprit by a long shot, but they serve as my focus for the purposes of this rant).

So the issue was thus: I recently dropped down my fixed monthly cost plan and was told at the time that there would be no extra charges, it’s all fixed for you ma’am, and by the way your contract runs out in June and would you like to renew it? Uh… no thanks.

Fast forward to the next billing period and I receive a bill for twice what I was previously paying. A complicated phone call later and I believe I have sorted out the problem. Nope – my next bill is still showing the wrong amount. Now I just think ‘stuff it’ and pay the thing because I don’t have the emotional strength to deal with another ‘customer care’ person (what a total misnomer).

Today I discovered I had a rare hour of spare time to devote solely to telco gobbledygook so I bit the bullet and called Telstra.

To my utter surprise I had the pleasure of dealing with a call centre rep who not only explained things to me in plain English but actually fixed the problem, AND waived a fee, AND he sounded like he actually wanted to be at work.

Hooray! At long last the phrase customer service is actually put into practice. A positive attitude is such a simple thing, but it can have such a great and lasting effect on customers.

Dammit, I can’t remember his name but if I did I would recommend him for some sort of award.





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